A lightweight 2D framework for MonoGame and FNA

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Nez aims to be a lightweight 2D framework that sits on top of MonoGame/FNA. It provides a solid base for you to build a 2D game on. Some of the many features it includes are:

Samples Repository

You can find the samples repo here. It contains a variety of sample scenes that demonstrate the basics of getting stuff done with Nez.

Using Nez with FNA

See the Nez.FNA repo for details.


The wiki contains a few basic tutorials littered with code snippets that should be enough to get you rolling your own games. If you have a suggestion for a new tutorial feel free to open an Issue with the details.

Pipeline Importers

Nez comes stock with a decent bunch of Pipeline tool importers including:


Bits and pieces of Nez were cherry-picked from various places around the internet. If you see something in Nez that looks familiar open an issue with the details so that we can properly attribute the code.

I want to extend a special thanks to the three people and their repos listed below. The Monocle Engine and MonoGame.Extended allowed me to get up and running with MonoGame nearly instantly when I was first evaluating if it would be a good alternative to use for making games. libGDX scene2D UI was ported over to Nez to get a jump start on a UI as well. Nez uses a bunch of concepts and code from all three of these repos.

Matt Thorson’s fantastic Monocle Engine

Dylan Wilson’s excellent MonoGame.Extended

Nathan Sweet’s libGDX Scene2D UI libGDX. Nez UI is based on libGDX Scene2D which is Apache licensed.